Houses of Gökçe Gemile

A celebration of the idyllic panoramas of the azure waters of the Mediterranean, the pine forests, mountains and the unspoiled countryside that embrace them, the houses of Gökçe Gemile are the result of a long held dream.

Exquisitely crafted from stone, wood, steel and glass with a heart-felt passion and an imaginative eye for unusual, sometimes quirky detail, the houses incorporate style with superlative levels of comfort, while preserving the natural integrity of their surroundings.

Each house at Gökçe Gemile tells a unique story and we would like to share them with you. Built to the visionary designs of their creator, they emerge organically from their woodland setting and contain many natural elements from their surroundings. Each house has been thoughtfully positioned within the grounds to ensure total privacy and seclusion.

The landscaped private gardens that surround the houses also preserve a unique relationship with the landscape. Each has its own extensive natural swimming pool, jacuzzies and shady seating areas, for relaxing and al fresco dining. They also have easy access to totally private coves and the Gökçe Gemile Clubhouse on the beach, via the idiosyncratic funicular railway – a kind of inclined lift.

At Gökçe Gemile, nothing can be “good enough”… everything has to be perfected until it is exactly right. This extends to the bedroom choices. Sleep is important and all the bedrooms at Gökçe Gemile have been meticulously and thoughtfully designed with this in mind with the most comfortable king-sized beds, the most restful pillows and the finest Turkish linen.

Gökçe Gemile is all about spacious, relaxed living… a harmonious balance has been created between the interiors of the houses and the outside environment. The houses have found and harnessed that enigmatic sweet note of excellence, and it is a beautiful sound our guests will hear as soon as they arrive.

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