Dining at Gökçe Gemile

Gökçe Gemile is not a restaurant but our guests’ home from home for the duration of their holiday. And just as it is in any Turkish home, we like to offer our guests a variety of dining choices and make sure that we are aware of any preferences and dietary requirements. 

As each house has a fully equipped designer kitchen, self-catering is an option. But not everyone enjoys cooking, especially when they’re on holiday. So, on request, our guests can have what we call a Gökçe Gemile House Helper.

In the Gökçe Gemile team we have several House Helper ladies who come from the nearby village, all of whom are wonderful cooks. Your House Helper will arrive every morning on a daily basis to prepare delicious traditional Turkish dishes for you, and even help look after your children, should you wish. They will also do the shopping for you at the local market, tidy up and make coffee and tea.

Members of the Gökçe Gemile team also cook and serve delicious food at our Clubhouse kitchen, including breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals; specifically, fish (which guests may have caught themselves) and wonderful barbeques. All our dishes are prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

While we are delighted to see our guests dining out at local restaurants, we can also bring exclusive bespoke services to Gökçe Gemile. We invite the best seafood chef in the area to visit with his own team to cook a sumptuous feast at the Gökçe Gemile Clubhouse. Our guests tell us they think this Seafood Feast on the beach, under the stars, is absolutely wonderful… 

As one of the most important elements of the Gökçe Gemile philosophy is privacy, for evening meals – after 7pm – we adhere to the principle of only one party dining on the main beach at any one time. This ensures that each party will have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of being our exclusive guests. So please make sure you discuss your dining requirements with our concierge service either before or on arrival.

As Gökçe Gemile is within a strictly regulated Environmental Protection area we have no license to sell tobacco or alcohol products. However, guests are permitted to bring or buy their own supplies.

Should our guests wish to eat at the local restaurants, the Gökçe Gemile concierge service can advise guests about where to dine in the local area, booking tables and arranging a private chauffeur driven vehicle.


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