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Gökçe Gemile is the perfect place to retreat from the unending stress of city life. Here you can relax by being as laidback or as active as you like. The choice is yours…  We know that there are many different ways to unwind and at Gökçe Gemile we have something to suit everyone.

Since we opened our doors, guests have been telling us that Gökçe Gemile is so peaceful they feel as if they have found their spiritual home and never want to leave! They say that sitting by their pool or in one of the secluded coves, quietly reading or contemplating the wonderful views is in itself a kind of therapy. To make the most of that transcendental experience, private yoga classes are also available.

Exploring this sublime part of Turkey on foot or by boat is the only way to capture the full extent of its drama and beauty. Much of the coastline around Gökçe Gemile is an protected area and therefore there is minimal development.

This means there are plenty of opportunities to discover completely hidden bays, accessible only by sail, speed boat or, for our more adventurous guests, by kayak or with a stand-up paddle board.

The rocky coastline and the irresistible limpid turquoise water  is great for underwater adventures, so we provide snorkelling equipment and offer scuba diving as an optional extra.

Rich in marine life, the nearby islet of Balaban is a great place to explore and there’s always the chance of seeing dolphins, sea turtles and seals in the bay.

For some of our guests, a fishing trip can be dream come true… Just imagine going by boat into the blue and catching your own dinner!

There’s also the countryside around Gökçe Gemile, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, much of which is indigenous, which varies throughout the seasons. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxing walks, as well as more challenging treks in the company of our experienced guide.

Of course, some of our guests want to explore further afield. Gökçe Gemile offers a range of private tours to many of the region’s historic archaeological sites, local farmers’ markets and places of interest.

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